5 Stress Busters To Find Your Inner Calm

Feeling stressed and don’t know where to turn? Try these 5 stress management tips to find your inner calm. 

Get Moving 

The benefits of movement are endless! Whether you crush a HIIT workout, roll out your yoga mat, or take a stroll outside – find what works for you and get your body moving! Ever experience a runner’s high? Or feel a weight fall off your shoulders after a sweaty workout sesh? You have exercise to thank! Exercise reduces stress hormones while increasing endorphin levels, the body’s natural mood booster. Start with 15 minutes of movement a day and take your first steps toward stress relief.   

Connect With Community

Despite what it may feel like, you’re not in this alone. There are so many people ready to support you, even in a socially-distanced world. So, when things feel overwhelming, seek out community and try some of these tips!


  • Phone a friend. Don’t keep it in. Pick up the phone and confide in a family member or friend when you need to let it out.
  • Prioritize video calls. There’s something about seeing a loved one’s face and connecting on a deeper level. When physical connection isn’t possible, utilize technology and schedule a video date!   
  • Socially-distanced meet-up. If you have the ability to meet in person, schedule a socially-distanced meet-up! Grab a coffee, go on a hike, or grab a healthy snack to eat. 
  • Find a virtual community. Finding a virtual community is easier than ever with social media. Connect with your favorite fitness studio, find a support group on Facebook, or even enroll in a course. Find others who share similar hobbies, get to know your classmates, or sweat it out together through the screen. It’s never too late in life to form new connections! 

Mindfulness with Meditation or Yoga

Mindfulness is thought of as a mental state that involves being fully present and aware of current thoughts, feelings, and surroundings. Instead of thinking about the future or ruminating on the past, practice mindfulness. Mindfulness techniques help to reduce stress and achieve a state of calm by quieting the mind. When you feel overwhelmed, try a restorative yoga flow, or download the Calm App or Headspace for a free guided meditation. 

Get Grounded In Nature 

When’s the last time you spent time in nature? Between work, school, and social media, most of our days are spent behind a screen. But, if you have a few minutes to spare, enjoying time outdoors can do wonders for your stress levels!

Grab a trail snack and try spending 10-15 minutes per day outdoors. Daily exposure to sunshine can increase Vitamin D levels, helping to improve your mood! If your schedule seems too busy, try taking your next work meeting outside. Walking meetings can help you get some extra steps, and may even boost productivity and creativity, too! 


Let it out – on paper! Does your to-do list feel never-ending? Writing down your thoughts, feelings, and even your daily tasks can help relieve stress and settle an overactive mind. Don’t know where to start? We get it – staring at a blank page can feel intimidating (especially if you’re new to journaling). Try some of these tips to help organize your thoughts!


  • Start your morning by writing down 3 things you’re grateful for
  • Get your creative juices flowing with some prompts like, “I feel ______ about”
  • Write out your to-do list in order of importance. This can help make your goals feel more manageable by knowing what items to tackle first!


Life is about balance. Stress often accumulates when life gets busy, and we fail to take care of ourselves mentally and physically. Implementing a little self-care can go a long way! Even making small changes to your diet by adding stress-combating foods to your day can help with your stress levels. Our Salted Brownie Collagen Protein Bar blends the decadence of almond-sprinkled brownie batter with the calming power of Reishi. It’s savory chocolate that combats stress to calm the body and soul! Treat yo-self!